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New LOWER Pricing

If you can’t beat ’em, then join ’em! Ever wonder why cartridge costs vary so much? New, brand name cartridges are the most expensive. Second to that are Remanufactured cartridges (or Remans) which are the brand named cartridges that are rebuilt to the manufacturers specifications using the empty cores from the brand names. We’ve always […]

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Senior Appreciation Day

So you’re sitting at home printing grandkids pictures and poof! … you are out of ink or toner. You go out and spend top dollar on cartridges, and then wait for the grandkids to stop by to install them for you. Only you don’t know what the grandkids look like anymore since you couldn’t print […]

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Introducing Free Delivery AND Free Install to Seniors

You go to print something or make a copy and you get a message that your ink or toner is out.  You buy a replacement cartridge but it’s been so long since you changed it last that it becomes a weekend project to figure it out again.  Leave it to us! If you purchase your […]

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HP Printer saying your cartridges are no good?

If you use HP Compatible or refilled 934/935 or 950/951 or 970/971 style ink cartridges, then this message is for YOU! Sometime during the evening of September 12, 2017 anybody who had an HP printer that uses any of the cartridges above received an automatic firmware update from HP which rendered any non-HP cartridges useless […]

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Got a relative in the print cartridge business?

It’s Summer.  It’s August.  Work slows down a little as people focus on vacations and back to school. But did you know that as the temperature has been rising, so have the prices for your print cartridges from the manufacturers and the Big Box Stores?  Pull-eeze! It’s no secret that the printers themselves were priced very […]

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Lexmark Overruled

Lexmark fell short of its goal to dominate the remanufacturing industry with patent infringements on their toner cartridges.  This is a major win for the people who wish to save you money and recycle the printer cartridges by means of rebuilding the original Lexmark version and giving it a second chance for usefullness.  The following is an […]

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HP’s Instant Ink Program

Pay a monthly fee and they send you ink cartridges in advance with enough time to get it before you run out. Sounds simple enough, but what about month’s where you may not print? You still pay a monthly fee. What about if you suspect that there is still ink in the cartridge, but the […]

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What is Executive Order 11 and how can Community Cartridge help?

On Earth Day – April 22, 2006, then New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine signed a new law into effect. This law – “Executive Order 11” was implemented to help promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental protection in the state of New Jersey. This new law will help protect our environment as well as […]

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