HP’s Instant Ink Program

Pay a monthly fee and they send you ink cartridges in advance with enough time to get it before you run out.

Sounds simple enough, but what about month’s where you may not print? You still pay a monthly fee.

What about if you suspect that there is still ink in the cartridge, but the cartridge reads empty? Oh, well.

When have you ever known a printer manufacturer to do something altruistic to save you money? If this wasn’t a good deal for them, then they wouldn’t be doing it. Hey, who remembers Columbia House and it’s crazy offers for music?

We don’t have any contracts. Or gimmicks. Or coupons. Or loyalty or reward programs. Or even sales (well, except for clearance on older items … but that’s a story for another day). You know, if they can sell it for a lesser price with all those programs, then aren’t they just charging too much for the people who don’t subscribe? And just how much does it cost to administer all of those programs and where is THAT money coming from? If they would price their products fairly from the start, there would be no extra added expense for ALL the people, ALL the time. Why take something simple, and complicate it to the point of adding substantial costs? Leave that for the government.

Please click here to find out how much your cartridges would cost you from us. If you only give us four pieces of information (the ones with the *), we can email you a “no obligation” price quote. What have you got to lose (except the extra expense)? After all, we are the small business with the BIG savings.

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