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If you can’t beat ’em, then join ’em!

Ever wonder why cartridge costs vary so much? New, brand name cartridges are the most expensive.

Second to that are Remanufactured cartridges (or Remans) which are the brand named cartridges that are rebuilt to the manufacturers specifications using the empty cores from the brand names. We’ve always carried these, and they are made in America, too. These are what we use for our business class clients, who have opened business accounts with us for the reliability and quality that rivals the original.

Then, for lesser cost, there are what we call Compatibles which are newly made cartridges using inexpensive components which are usually from Asian countries (predominantly China). We offer these also as an economic choice for our SOHO users wanting more value.

If you’ve been in this business as long as we have (16 years), you get to know which manufacturers make a decent product. Sure, you can find cheaper, but here’s the danger … will they produce the number of pages, or will they fall short? Will they print as dark as the originals? Will they even arrive in tact? Let us be your guide through the maze of options and offer you the right product for a fair price. Or order online yourself through our website, click the tab marked “Quick Order”, or go directly to:

Text me, Jim the owner (732.861.4701), with any questions and let me help you get the right cartridge, whether ink or toner, remanufactured in America, or compatibles newly made in China from reputable sources. Community Cartridge can help.

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