HP Printer saying your cartridges are no good?

If you use HP Compatible or refilled 934/935 or 950/951 or 970/971 style ink cartridges, then this message is for YOU!

Sometime during the evening of September 12, 2017 anybody who had an HP printer that uses any of the cartridges above received an automatic firmware update from HP which rendered any non-HP cartridges useless in that printer.

The cartridges were NOT damaged, they would have been fine in a machine that did NOT receive the firmware update.

This is clearly an effort to dissuade you from free enterprise and to manipulate you into buying only their own HP OEM cartridges at a premium price.

To correct this update, and reverse its effect, click HERE to be taken to an HP site and follow the instructions to allow you to continue using non-HP cartridges.

To prevent automatic firmware updates in the future from disturbing your printer, uninstall the HP printer and all its applications, reboot your computer, and then reinstall the drivers … only THIS TIME when it gets to the part where it asks you if you will allow automatic firmware updates, change the default of “YES” to your choice of an adamant and irrevocable “NO”!

This has been a service of your relative in the print cartridge business who cares about your well being and also about saving your money.


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